BETTER: Stage 3 Micro Tune Xtreme OBD Performance Chip Programmer HP Booster +22HP

BETTER: Stage 3 Micro Tune Xtreme OBD Performance Chip Programmer HP Booster +22HP
BETTER: Stage 3 Micro Tune Xtreme OBD Performance Chip Programmer HP Booster +22HP BETTER: Stage 3 Micro Tune Xtreme OBD Performance Chip Programmer HP Booster +22HP
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Stage 3 EPC Performance Chip Key Programmer





The Only Chip CUSTOM PROGRAMMED for Your Vehicle! 




Micro Performance Chip


Why Choose Us

The Micro Performance Chip is compact - Fits Anywhere

The Competition Offers Cheap, Dangerous Hacks.
We Offer Genuine Tuning with Proven Dyno Results:




Compatible with both Manual and Automatic transmissions

  • 100% Safe for your vehicle!
  • 100% Plug and Play with no wire cutting!
  • 100% Proven Performance


Unlock your engine's hidden potential! Typical gains include:

  • Faster Acceleration / 0-60 Times
  • Up to 4+ mpg increase
  • Up to 38+ Horsepower increase
  • 50% Better throttle response
  • Installs in minutes
  • Up to 35% added torque
  • Reduced emissions
  • Better 1/4 mile times
  • Prolongs engine life
  • Small size - no large plugs to get damaged
  • Smoother idle
  • Better towing power & improved passing ability
  • STAGE 3 PERFORMANCE: The highest of the three tuning 
  • stages, offers most aggressive tuning


Includes everything needed to install:

  • 1 x  OBD2 Stage 3 Micro Programmer, CUSTOM PROGRAMMED FOR                YOUR VEHICLE
  • 1 x  Instruction Sheet


Simply plugs into your OBD2 port:





Dyno Results:


Dynamometer Results - It Works!







Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need any special tools or automotive knowledge to install?

  • No! Unlike the competition which requires you to cut into wires, the Micro is 100% plug and play.
  • It works on vehicles 1996 and later and is tuned for your specific vehicle make and model. 
  • Watch out for cheap $10-50 mega horsepower products. They are all fakes and are basically a 
  • plastic box with a .10 cent resistor, if that.


Does this product work with automatic and manual transmissions?

  • Yes - Both.


Does this product work with 2WD or 4WD

  • It works on both types if your car has options

What does Stage 3 mean?

         This simply means the chip offers the most aggressive tuning program and the highest gains.
         Some dishonest sellers are selling "Stage 4" Chips. There is no such thing, this is a scam!



Will this product void my warranty?

  • No it will not void your warranty, many dealers frown on performance upgrades. 
  • However, the manufacturer cannot void your warranty for adding aftermarket parts. 
  • The nano can be removed in seconds, before taking the vehicle to the dealer for service.
  • It is undetectable once removed and instantly returns your vehicle to stock.
  • This is the easiest way to avoid any dealer or repair facility issues.

How much horsepower will I gain?

  • Results vary and will usually take up to 2 weeks to appear due to computer learning.
  • The Micro recalibrates the ignition and fuel based on the variables such as the fuel octane, 
  • ambient air temp and other sensors in addition to driving style.


Can this harm my engine or vehicle electronics?

  • No. The Micro has been dyno tested and proven to work with no negative effects on the vehicle. 
  • We guarantee this!


How does this product work?

  • Using your OBD on board computer port - the Micro plugs right in. The Micro modifies signals sent to 
  • your vehicle's ECU computer. It optimizes functions such as ignition timing, air fuel mixture, fuel maps 
  • and produces more power and better gas mileage. The ECU of modern vehicles controls many 
  • variables which ensure the optimum engine performance. It does this by reading values from many
  • sensors within the engine bay, interpreting the data using multidimensional performance maps
  • (tables), and adjusting the engine accordingly. The chip does this in real-time.








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