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Which Programmer Is Best for Your Application?



P1JBZ - Nano Performance Chip


Fuel Savings: Best   Power Gains: Good

The P1JBZ offers the best Fuel savings and most compact physical size.

It is suggested for general use and average HP gains.

Typical gains are approx. +20HP / 12tq. Fuel economy gains are approx. 2-4+MPG




P2JBZ - Micro Performance Chip


 Fuel Savings: Better   Power Gains: Better

The P2JBZ offers mid-range power gains, fuel savings and physical size.

Typical gains are approx. +22HP / 16tq. Fuel economy gains are approx. 2-3+MPG




P3JBZ - ST7PRO Performance Chip


  Fuel Savings: Good   Power Gains: Best

The P3JBZ offers good Fuel savings with the best power gains.

It is recommenced for max. gain applications, such as racing, max. throttle gains, etc.

Typical gains are approx. +45HP / 27tq. Fuel economy gains are approx. 2-3+MPG



* Gains may be higher than stated and depend on the speific vehicle, mods used, fuel grade, etc.

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